Social Impact


Given the company is located in Denver, CO, which is specifically designated as an area to promote equal opportunities for social equity & community support, we will take several actions to positively impact the area and community.

First, through the hiring process, we will actively seek individuals who have been negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition and benefit their lives through gainful, satisfying employment. This will not only positively impact the person in their individual capacity, however it will also positively impact their family. Moreover, the surrounding community will benefit from the individual’s employment because they will be able to contribute to the community’s business market because they will have increased resources to spend.

To accomplish this goal, we shall seek to employ at least 25% of its employees from geographic areas of disproportionate impact, specifically Denver, CO, or individuals who personally have, or have spouses that have, drug convictions. To meet this goal, we will place classifieds in the local online job sites such as Indeed, Linkedin, and Monster, that is specifically tailored such individuals and will also actively seek out these individuals. Classifieds will initially be run bi-weekly to initially staff the operation. We shall count the total number of employee’s and determine what percentage of its employee’s fall under this designation to ensure the goal of 25% as a metric to measure progress.

The goal is to provide employment to the identified individuals above are to reduce the barriers these individuals face when attempting to enter into the legal, adult-use cannabis industry. By opening the business door to these individuals, they will gain experience in the industry will be provided with networking opportunities within the industry. Moreover, they will receive mentoring and professional development through the businesses training programs and by working closely with the ownership.

The business is committed to making a good faith effort in a legal and non-discriminatory manner plans on hosting industry specific educational programs to assist individuals who have been negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition enter into the industry.

For the purposes of showing the metrics for the businesses progress, we shall diligently log the hours provided by the business and its employees to ensure that at least 60 hours of service have been achieved. Additionally, it will record and maintain files showing each educational program and industry specific educational program that shows date, time, attendance, any guest speakers and/or presenters, subject matter, and any other information.

The business is dedicated to sustainable practices to help the environment in operations. For operations, the business has teamed up with Flyhi who is dedicated to having a paperless, digital platform.

Paperless operations and vehicle leasing options with green features. Our goal for the following year is to have 50% or more electric vehicles, by year 3 we strive to have 100% of the fleet electric reducing the C02 foot print.

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