About Us


Speedy Transporter is one of the first social equity cannabis transportation companies operating in Colorado. We are a social equity cannabis transportation company that provides safe, reliable and timely delivery of medical marijuana as well as recreational cannabis to patients and customers through our fleet of energy conscious vehicles. We offer on-demand service for all members of the community including those without access to or who cannot find other means for obtaining medical marijuana. Speedy Transporter’s mission is to provide safe, reliable and timely delivery of medical marijuana products to licensed dispensaries throughout Colorado while simultaneously empowering communities with social equity programs that promote diversity among business owners, job opportunities for youth and training programs designed specifically for people living with disabilities.

Our vision is one where there will be no barriers when it comes to accessing medicine.

State Licensed Cannabis transport

Standard benefits:

  • Your cannabis is delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less.
  • Our drivers are state licensed and insured.
    Emotional benefits:
  • Get the relief you need with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Best is class technology by Flyhi

• A new form of fast-tracked delivery
• Guaranteed speedy time delivery
• Express courier service to your door
• No waiting in long lines